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If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our volunteer application (PDF), and email it to: volunteer@kittico.org, or fill out our new online volunteer application. There are many diverse ways to get involved with our organization. We have many programs that require different amounts of skill and time commitment. Thank you for your support.

Kittico people


This is by far the greatest need. This involves helping trap feral cats that need to be neutered and vaccinated. Once trapping is complete, cats need to be transported and returned, when ready, to the colony. For more information on this program please click here.


This involves going to local animal controls/shelters and picking up adoptable animals, or retrieving from harmful situations.


This involves helping with newsletters, mailings, and other types of correspondence, as well as advertising and website monitoring.


This involves soliciting donations and grants for the organization.

Information Line:

This involves answering questions pertaining to cat care or health, especially from new adopters and fosters.

General Help:

This involves various errands including donation pick-up, food/litter drop off, cleaning of adoption facility, paperwork, data entry. Time commitment is flexible.


This involves going to meetings for the various boards and committees/organizations that are required to remain a non-profit rescue group.

Feral Colony Management:

This involves time to bring food to a local colony of feral (unsocialized) cats. Also need to be aware of changes, additional cats, or sick cats in the group. Food will be provided.

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