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Trunk or Treat - Halloween 2009

KittiCo Cat Rescue at Halloween
2009 in East Dallas.

Jack O Lanterns and fun for kids!
As a safe alternative to trick or treat
at night in the big city of Dallas, a
church in East Dallas held a 'Trunk
or Treat' Event the Saturday before
Halloween during daylight hours.
This was a community-oriented
event for children, with volunteers
and church members setting up
displays on car trunks where all
were parked in the sheltered area of the church parking lot.
Volunteers put Halloween decorations on the cars, including scary ones
for the little kids, and gave balloons, prizes and candy to the kids who
came proudly in their costumes. Most of those attending were small
family groups with a Mom or Dad and one to three children under 12
years of age. This was fun for everyone, with games that kids could play,
drawings and giveaways.
KittiCo Cat Rescue sent our bright, colorful Ambulance, with the really big
green, orange, yellow, blue, and pink cats, a cheerful scene designed by
an Art Institute of Dallas student. We parked the Ambulance so the kids
could see it, blew up helium balloons and gave away balloons and candy
for costumed little kids who were fascinated with colorful cats taller than
they were themselves!

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