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Clinic Sign-In sheets are required paperwork for the clinic. You can download and print your own or they will be avaible to fill out at the clinic.

↓ Please see below for instructions ↓

Clinic sign-In sheet: PDF(print version must be plain white paper).

Spay/neuter clinic post-surgery care instructions: PDF

Instructions for KittiCo Clinic Sign-In sheet:

  1. Make sure each carrier or trap is labeled with your name, Foster or Colony and location (especially if someone different will be releasing the feral cat for you). If you have similar cats (i.e. identical color, sex), then please mark that on the label and sign in sheet (example: black cat 1,2,3... or black cat A colony, B colony...).
  1. Each cat will need a clinic service card which you will fill out at the clinic.
  1. There is a sign in sheet for each person: PDF. Make sure all information is filled in completely. Give this sign-in sheet to the check-in person. (This information is required by law for all veterinary clinics)
  1. Every animal will be sterilized (as deemed appropriate by the treating veterinarian) and vaccinated for rabies (in accordance with the appropriate protocols), and given Ivermectin (a de-worming agent and treatment for earmites). Your pet will have had major surgery, so please follow the mobile spay/neuter clinic post-surgery care instructions supplied here: (PDF).

Decide if you want any extra services for each cat:

Feral Blitz and large colonies should disregard optional services.

Mark the extra services on the sign in sheet and on the clinic service cards.

Optional services are: FELV/FIV combo test $20*, four-in-one vaccine, plus Calici $15, Flea Treat (1 application) $5, a personal copy of the procedures done today including rabies certificate $5 for each cat.

Payment is due at time service is requested. We accept cash, check or charge. DL# and Date of Birth must accompany every check. The 3 or 4 digit identifier on the back (some cards have it on front) of CC must be recorded for Credit card payment, signature required for Credit card payment.

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