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Angie with cats By the time Angie Thomas could toddle, she was saving homeless cats. A tattered photograph hangs in her home, of her parent's home. In her lap sits a large alley cat, the first of thousands of homeless cats that found their way home into Angie's heart and eventually into a better life. Ms. Thomas considers herself one of the fortunate few people who discovered her mission early in life. She has been matching homeless cats with new owners for as long as she could remember. Along the way, she has met caring, compassionate people who share her vision of a better world for all our feline companions. Inspired by the daily tragedies that often befall stray and homeless cats, this small group of cat lovers took their camaraderie to a new level, leading to the inception of KittiCo, an all volunteer cat rescue group that has now grown to include three paid staff members. KittiCo's tremendous growth since 1998 has made the group one of the bright and shining stars in the City of Dallas's philanthropic community. Virtually no one who calls for help with a cat is turned away. Phone calls get returned, humane traps get delivered, injured animals get treatment, and the road, as the song says, goes on forever.

Notable Facts about KittiCo

In the last 10 years:

  • KittiCo has spayed/neutered more than 50,000 cats.
  • KittiCo has found loving homes for more than 5000 cats.
  • KittiCo has worked with individuals from 166 cities.

Angie with kittens

From Angie:

Welcome to the KittiCo Website. We cannot express what an incredible difference your support has made in the lives of homeless cats and the people who care about them. It has been my honor to work alongside our volunteers as we continue to work every day, saving the lives of cats and changing the lives of people. We extend our most sincere thanks for all your help on behalf of homeless cats. We couldn't have done it without you.

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